BUDDHIST CHURCH OF FLORIN–Funeral & Memorial Service Guidelines

These are guidelines to help in the event of a death in the family. It is a general outline and the procedures may vary with the wishes of the family. The Funeral and 7th Day Service are often combined, and the interment (burial) or inurnment (cremation) service takes place at a later time. Contact the Church at (916) 383-1831.

Upon contacting the Church, the minister will come to officiate the Makura-gyo (bedside service), which is a short service following death. Always give your name, phone number and directions to your place very clearly.

In case of death in the early hours of the morning, the bedside service may be held at a more convenient time when relatives and close friends are able to attend. The service may be held at the location of death, home, mortuary or the church.

If your residence is unfamiliar to the minister, you can expedite matters by arranging to meet the minister at some well-known location or landmark and leading him to your residence.