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If you have a player – boys and girls – for E, D, C and B Divisions (3rd through 12th Grade) interested in joining our Athletic Program, please contact Scott Louie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We also have an Instructional League (I-League) for younger players. I-League teaches the beginning basics of how to dribble, pass, and shoot. It is available for youths between the ages of 5-8 and is co-ed. The season will begin the first part of November through the end of February.

We would love to have you join our Program!

Athletic Program Articles

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Athletic Board Members

Director: Scott Louie

Dharma School Rep: Lenny Mizusaka & Judy Yuki

The Buddhist Church of Florin’s (FBC) Athletic Program is an affiliate of the Northern California Church League (NCCL) basketball league organized basketball program for boys and girls 3rd through 12th grade. Our Athletic Program recognizes that it is not a matter of who wins more games, or who can build the best team, but it is a matter of teaching our youths true sportsmanship, team spirit, how to love the sport of basketball and most of all, how to be respectful to others.

Participation in the FBC Athletic Program requires that its bylaws, rules of participation and consent and release clauses set forth below be complied with by all Athletic Program participants and their parents and/or guardians.

1. The FBC Athletic Program does not provide medical coverage. Therefore, each participant is required to have their own medical insurance.

2. Participants are required to maintain a minimum 60% attendance at the Buddhist Church of Florin or at their own place of worship for the required period.  Non-members must submit a completed verification form signed by their authorized church official by the appropriate due date.

3. Participants who are not members of the Buddhist Church of Florin or its Dharma School Program will require approval of the FBC Athletic Board prior to confirmation to the Athletic Program.

4. Players must attend Dharma School and/or Church Service on scheduled game days to be eligible to play.  Exceptions must be presented and approved by the FBC Athletic Board.

5. Participants and their parents are required to participate in the FBC’s annual fundraisers/activities.  These include, but are not limited to – Snack Bar duty, Bodhi Day Steak Sandwich Fundraiser, various food bazaars (Super Bowl Sunday, Spring, and Summer/Fall), Fried Rice Breakfast, etc.

6.  Northern California Church League (NCCL) rules specify that participants who wish to switch between NCCL church programs are ineligible for league play for one year.  However, waiver requests to this rule may be submitted in writing to the NCCL prior to August 1st of that year for possible consideration.  NCCL rules specify that all participants play for the NCCL church they attend.

7.  All participants/parents shall display proper respect, good sportsmanship and honoring of the standards and objectives set forth by the FBC Athletic Program.